Co-Production Festival, July 2016

Co-Production Festival, July 2016
Co-Production Festival, July 2016

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

Could co-production become diluted?

By Laura Able, Co-production Steering Group and Network member

My gut reaction was that I didn't like the word co-production when I first heard it. The term sounds mechanistic.  I found I was not alone in my reservations amongst many grassroots service users.  I do believe in and aspire to be part of co-productive approaches and feel I have been part of this collective concept for many years.  It is grassroots and hasn’t just been parachuted in from America or anywhere else. We were already and are co-producing.  

Co-production builds on user/carer involvement and participation in all its diverse shapes and sizes.  People have warmed to co-production because it offered new and fresh beginnings it rekindles the real values that underpin real power sharing. The down side is the more popular it becomes the more diluted. Co-production is about citizenship as Pamela Fisher tells us and she is wondering if coproduction is a social movement.  Is it like the disability or mental health movements?  Let’s hope so. 

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